1/32 F-4 Parts
                     Tamiya engine vent fix

Tamiya's vent is too large and not correctly shaped.  these pieces replace the kit vents and correct the shape.

price: $4.00/set
                             RF-4C tail fin top

Revell's RF-4 tail fin is too tail.  This part corrects the height.  The piece can also be used on the Revell F-4E kit for early F-4s that don't have the RWR gear

price: $4.00 each
                 Revell aux air doors

Aux Air doors for the Revell F-4 kits.  The Revell kits don't come with the aux air doors open.  these doors are always open on the ground and in the air with the gear down.  (Doors are included in the Engine Bay set)

price:  $ 4.00/set
                           Engine Bay Set

This set can be used on any of the Revell or Tamiya 1/32 scale kits.  The Revell kit doesn't address this area and the Tamiya kits only give a hint of the bay.  This set gives depth and definition to the area seen through the open doors.

price: $12.00/set
Shipping:  $6.00 in US and Canada for orders under $30.00, $8.00 for orders over $30.00.

For Overseas orders :  due to changing postage rates, email for shipping costs


Allow 10 - 14 day for delivery
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      Corrected Fin Top
Revell Kit Fin Top
Real aircraft vent

Tamiya vent
Replacement part